Здесь представлены треки для коммерческого использования. Под лицензией роялти фри/royalty free музыку можно использовать в анимации, кино, мультимедиа, видеороликах, рекламе, сайтах…

Here are the tracks for commercial use. Under the license royalty free music can be used in animation, film, multimedia, video, advertising, web sites .



Track list

New Age

Your secret (ringtone)
Description: Secret of love. Relaxing and inspiring track. High ideals, pure love, stylish design.
Length: 00:29
Genre: New Age
Album: Ringtones
Bpm: 78
Loopable: yes
Instrument: solo synth, marimba, cosmic strings, seashore, strings section, sweep pad, metal pad, fingered bass, percussion.
Keywords: inspirational, dreamy, hopeful, calm, discovery, light, easy, happy, bliss, eternity, happiness, live, love, promise, quiet, relaxed, romantic, sea, beach, secret, sensual, serene, she, sincere, soothing, sun, tranquil, travel, treasure.
Emotion: Love, Ecstasy, Soulful
Suggested Uses: Romantic, Travel, Animated

Wipe your eyes (ver 3)
Description: Inspiring and light composition. Opening a new, research, contemplation.
Length: 0.24 sec
Genre: New Age
Album: Ringtones
Bpm: 80 bpm
Loopable: yes
Instrument: string section, TTS-1 — fantasia, harp, String Theory — tha tronGSE, bass, percussion, drum.
Keywords: calm, casual, cheerful/happy, contemplative, discovery, dreamy, easy, space, young, hopeful, inspirational, light, magical, mellow, dream, ethereal, strange, reflective, fairy, tale, relaxed, romantic, searching,
Emotion: Happy, Foreboding, Pensive
Suggested Uses: Mystery, Romantic, Science Fiction

One step to home (climb)
Description: Bright inspiring composition. Electronic arpeggios and string instruments create an atmosphere of lifting.
Length: 3:07
Genre: New Age
Bpm: 80
Loopable: no
Instrument: sadly single & pad, TTS — atmosphere, string section, classic saw pad, synth — fantasies, FM over bass, drum, percussion, charang
Keywords: inspiration, rise, admiration, happiness, beauty, climbing, dreamy,
Emotion: inspiration,

Search (begin)
Description: The inconstant violins, piano changing solo, pensive E-piano. The beginning of search.
Length: 0:45
Genre: New Age
Bpm: 110
Loopable: no
Instrument: e-piano, string section, synth, piano
Keywords: piano, string, search, change, choice, revelation, riddle, aspiration, answer,
Emotion: Longing, Soulful, Tense
Suggested Uses: Action, Mystery, Animated

Inventor (barefoot)
Description: Positive romantic mood. Festive fun piano arranged sitar.
Length: 00:29
Genre: New Age
Bpm: 130
Loopable: yes
Instrument: synth: classic square, piano&bell, cello, sitar, bass: full fingered, drum
Keywords: achievement, bright, cheerful/happy, confident, discovery, driving, festive, fun, indie, joyful, motivational, playful, romantic, success, travel
License on: 123RF

Will be holiday (where is my stadium)
Description: Positive ethnic dance. Very expressive music. Naughty and comical emotional context.
Length: 01:00
Genre: Comic
Bpm: 100
Loopable: yes
Instrument: trumpet,  bandoneon, koto, muted guitar, e-piano, drum, bass,
Keywords:  bright, cheerful/happy,  confident, cool, energetic, festive, fun, funny, happy, motivational, optimistic positive,  searching, travel, world, ethnic,
Emotion: comic, playful,
Suggested Uses: cartoon, football, animation


Ocean of love
Description: Meditation. Dive into the ocean of love.
Length: 05:09
Genre: Meditation
Bpm: 70
Loopable: no
Instrument: oboe legato, pad — affected, string section, harp, pad — sine relax pad, tibet bells, warm pad
Keywords: meditation, relaxation, tranquility, transformation, healing,
Emotion: relax, tranquility
Suggested Uses: meditation, healing

Thinking (simple piano х8)
Description: Thoughtful piano, for reflection and determine further action.
Length: 02:24
Genre: Meditation
Bpm: 60
Loopable: yes
Instrument: piano
Keywords: quiet, reflection, slow, hope, calm, relax
Emotion: pacification, contemplation
Suggested Uses: meditation, romantic, documentary, historical, drama,


Inventor (ringtone)
Description: Positive modern electronic track. Very active attitude.
Length: 00:28
Genre: Electronic
Album: Ringtones
Bpm: 140
Loopable: yes
Instrument: synth: like eremite, synth: fret sensation, warm pad, sweep pad, saw wave, mallet synth strings, harpsichord, bass, taiko, drum
Keywords: inventor, contriver, originator, high technology, speed, drive, traffic, project, plan,

Pulsar the beginning
Description: Pulsating electronic music. Opening solo on the background fluctuations. Space and intense track. Attack in the end.
Length: 00:50
Genre:  Electronic
Album: Pulsar the beginning
Loopable: no
Instrument: synth
Keywords:  space, determined, science technology, developing, forthcoming
Emotion: intense, optimistic, motivated
Suggested Uses: mystery, science fiction, documentary


Goodby my past
Description: Farewell. Dramatic elements, the episode with the hope and love.
Length: 00:27
Genre: Classical
Bpm: 70
Loopable: yes
Instrument: basses pizzicato, celli staccato, strings
Keywords: hopeful, dramatic, farewell, sad, calm, classical, confused, down, foreboding, goodbye
Emotion: farewell, hopeful, pensive, tired
Suggested Uses: drama, documentary, historical

Distant shores (begin)
Description: Romantic and emotional music composition. Violin, string ensemble. Association the sea.
Length: 00:43
Genre: Romantic
Loopable: no
Instrument: string section
Keywords: romantic, violin, emotion, hope,
Emotion: broken-hearted, love, mellow
Suggested Uses: romantic, drama, documentary

Meetings and partings (string ensemble)
Description: Bass string, cello, violin. Powerful string ensemble. Power dramatic composition.
Length: 00:54
Genre: Classical
Bpm: 120
Loopable: no
Instrument: string section
Keywords: angry, anxious,bass, cello, classical, confused, determined, energetic, ensemble, foreboding, hard, mournful, powerful, sad, suspense, bass, string, cello, violin, ensemble, power, tense,
Emotion: motivated, uneasy, tense
Suggested Uses: action, historical, documentary

Just the time
Description: Emotional violins. The drama period, and it is not time to run into suffering, but to make decisions.
Length: 1:27
Genre: Classical
Bpm: 100
Loopable: no
Instrument: cello, violin
Keywords: alone, choice, drama, dramatic, ensemble, epic, experience, hopeful , sensual, suspense,
Emotion: melancholic, sad, pensive, soulful
Suggested Uses:  documentary, historical, drama


Travel to summer (jazzy)
Description: Active jazz, a positive attitude. Happy and confident.
Length:  01:25
Genre: Jazz
Bpm: 115
Loopable: no
Instrument: electric piano, e piano, electronic synth, string section, contrabass, drum
Keywords: happy, intense, jazz, light, lively, motivational, optimistic, positive, string, travel
Emotion: happy, lively, determined
Suggested Uses: adventure, travel, animated


Perception of reality (meditation)
Description: Active meditation, background. The balance of the left right channel allows will be adjusted on a wave.
Length: 3:55
Genre: Meditation
Bpm: 120
Loopable: yes
Instrument: synth
Keywords: meditation,  transformation, transition, background
Emotion: enlightenment
Suggested Uses: Meditation, Animation

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If suddenly it is necessary to change a track under your project, let me know. I am pleased to modify, and upload a new track for you. Changes is possible in a wide range: change the tempo, instruments, style …

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